How to use the terminal. Spot trading.

To start operations in the trading terminal (spot), you need to top up your spot account USDT.

The spot account can be replenished in personal account using fiat funds (rubles, US dollars) or any cryptocurrency by transfer in the personal account. You can also sell any cryptocurrency that you already have on your balance right in the terminal.

Spot is the purchase (exchange) of cryptocurrencies for USDT, or the sale of any cryptocurrency and receiving USDT to the balance.

After replenishing the US Dollar spot account, select the cryptocurrency you are interested in. If the spot account is not created for this cryptocurrency, the exchange will offer to open it. On the left side of the terminal, you will see the available balance in US Dollars. With these funds, you can buy the required amount of the selected cryptocurrency. The amount can be specified both in the US Dollar and in the cryptocurrency itself. Also, it is possible to specify the amount as a percentage of the available balance. After the purchase, the amount of available cryptocurrency will be displayed on the right. The sale of cryptocurrencies is carried out in a similar way. 

The terminal has a convenient display of your current cryptocurrency portfolio.

All cryptocurrency is stored on your spot accounts. You can always view them in your personal account.

In operation history you can see all the operations performed.

Spot terminal:

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Margininal terminal:

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