Risk warning

Trading financial instruments is a risky activity and can bring not only profits, but also losses.

When performing conversion operations, a relatively small change in the exchange rate can have a significant impact on the state of the Client's trading account due to the effect of leverage. If the market moves against the position of the Client, he may incur a loss in the amount of the initial deposit and any additional funds deposited by him to maintain open positions. The client is fully responsible for accounting for all risks, using financial resources and choosing the appropriate trading strategy.

The company does not provide any investment advice and you should carefully consider and weigh your financial situation and financial risks that you are ready to accept. You might want to speak with an independent financial advisor. The User understands and does not consider the Company liable for possible losses resulting from: failure and / or abnormal operation of software, servers, channels and communication facilities, which together form the necessary elements of a system of interaction between the User and the Company.

The client acknowledges that in market conditions different from normal, the processing time of client orders may increase.

The client assumes the risks of financial losses caused by force majeure.

When planning and conducting operations associated with increased risk, you should always remember that in practice the possibilities of positive and negative deviations of the real result from the planned (or expected) often exist simultaneously and are realized depending on a number of specific circumstances, the degree of accounting for which, in fact , and determines the effectiveness of your operations.

Based on the foregoing, the Company recommends that you carefully consider the issue of whether the risks arising from operations in the financial markets are acceptable to you, taking into account your goals and financial capabilities.