The Ukrainian people's deputy tried to give a bitcoin bribe in the amount of $ 50,000

21.11.2023 14:52
< p>NABU employees detained a people's deputy of Ukraine while trying to bribe a state official for bitcoins.< / p> < p lang="uk" dir="ltr">1/3 #NABU, #SAPO exposed a number of crimes in the field of recovery. The MP is suspected of trying to bribe a top official with bitcoins. He asked for assistance in obtaining funds from the fund for the elimination of the consequences of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation for the repair of the facility under his control????

— NAB Ukraine (@nab_ukr) November 21, 2023

according to the materials of the case, the MP offered the head of the state agency for recovery and development of Ukraine Mustafa Nayem 5 50,000 in bitcoins for helping to receive money from the fund to eliminate the consequences of armed aggression of the Russian Federation. He planned to use these funds to repair the infrastructure object under his control. 

the department clarified that the detention of the MP occurred with the assistance of Nayem, after receiving the first tranche in the amount of.10,000. < / p> < p>NABU did not specify the name of the suspect, but the local publication "Babel" writes that it is about MP Andre Odarchenko. It is in the committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on issues of anti-corruption policy. < / p>

the figure is declared suspicious. The investigation continues.

this is the first case of an attempt to pay bribes in crypto assets documented in the NABU. < / p>

earlier, the Ministry of digital development of Ukraine announced a bet on blockchain in the fight against corruption.< / p>

recall that in February 2020, a cyber police officer who extorted a bribe in bitcoins was detained in Zhytomyr.

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