The media learned about the debt of the Derevyanko crypto company to investors

20.11.2023 18:18

The cryptocurrency company of Russian actor Pavel Derevyanko and his partner Grigory Muluzyan "Bii Soul" owed investors 177 million rubles. This is reported by the Telegram channel SHOT.

According to Muluzyan, since 2021 he has been giving Derevyanko advice on stock trading, thanks to which the actor earned "several million". For his services, the business partner allegedly took 50% of the profit.

"Pavel's minimum monthly profit was about 4.5 million rubles, the maximum was 175 million rubles," he said.

Later, according to the trader, Derevyanko attracted 11 people to the scheme, including actor Artem Tkachenko, director Marius Weisberg and a number of businessmen.

Muluzyan said that transactions were carried out through a special bot developed by Bii Soul, in which Derevyanko is a co-founder. In their activities, the partners allegedly used the services of the Xena Exchange cryptocurrency exchange. 

"In April 2022, Xena Exchange did not return [265 million to [us]," the trader said.

According to Muluzyan, he personally repaid about 88 million rubles of debts, but believes that Derevyanko also has to pay part of the amount.

Earlier, ForkLog wrote that Pavel Derevyanko and Grigory Muluzyan are suspected of fraud for more than 1 million rubles based on the statement of one of the investors. The actor himself said that he lost 45 million rubles.

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