Meta has restructured its AI divisions

20.11.2023 15:16

Meta Corporation has dissolved the team that was responsible for regulating and preventing potential threats in the development of artificial intelligence. This is reported by The Information with reference to the corporate message. 

Part of the employees of the abolished division joined the generative AI department of the company, and the other started working on the infrastructure direction.  

Despite the redistribution within the company, the members of the "responsibility" team are still committed to the ideas of safe use of artificial intelligence, the documents say. 

The restructuring is taking place as the end of the "year of efficiency" approaches, as Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg called it in a March report. Then he repeatedly mentioned the need to redistribute work resources and eliminate "several levels of management." 

"Since we reduced our staff last year, one of the surprising results was that many things went faster. Looking back, I underestimated the indirect costs of lower priority projects," Zuckerberg said.

In November 2022, Meta fired a team of machine learning researchers in the AI infrastructure stack. Prior to that, the corporation announced the reduction of 11,000 employees. 

Ensuring the security of artificial intelligence has become a priority for leading players, given the close attention of regulatory authorities to the industry. 

In May, the administration of US President Joe Biden held a meeting with the heads of Google, Microsoft, OpenAI and Anthropic, where they discussed the risks associated with AI. In the same month, Sam Altman, ex-CEO of OpenAI, addressed the US Congress and called on the government to regulate the use and development of the technology. 

Recall that in October, the presidential administration published a decree setting new standards for the security and protection of artificial intelligence. According to the document, irresponsible use of AI can lead to discrimination, bias and other abuses.

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