Blockchain Capital Raised $580 Million for Two Crypto Funds

18.09.2023 19:52
San Francisco-based venture capital firm Blockchain Capital has raised $580 million for two new investment funds. 

We're thrilled to share the closing of 2 new funds – our 6th early stage fund and 1st opportunity fund.

Together, they total $580 million and serve to reinforce our commitment to leading the global transition to decentralized, blockchain-based systems. ↓

— Blockchain Capital (@blockchaincap) September 18, 2023

Structures are aimed at infrastructure, consumer and social projects, games and DeFi protocols. Among those who have re—invested is the payment giant Visa.

"Over the past 20 months, we have invested more capital in the next generation of innovators than at any time in our history. The reason is simple: Today's market offers unprecedented opportunities due to the influx of highly qualified founders who are developing a wide range of innovative technologies," the statement reads.

In June 2021 Blockchain Capital has raised $300 million for Fund V. Limited liability partners were Visa and PayPal.

The company manages assets worth more than $2 billion. Its portfolio includes Coinbase, Kraken, Anchorage, OpenSea, Aave, Worldcoin and others.

Data: Blockchain Capital.

Recall that according to the results of investment rounds in August, the volume of funds attracted by crypto firms increased by 39.8% compared to July.

One of the landmark deals of the last month of summer, along with the Ramp round ($300 million), turned out to be the attraction of $100 million by BitGo crypto-custodian at an estimate of $1.75 billion.

The third place in terms of the amount of funds received was investments in the ZetaChain blockchain platform ($27 million).

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