Activity in the Base L2 network surpassed the Ethereum indicator

18.09.2023 15:02

For the first time in history, two second-tier networks outperformed Ethereum in terms of the number of transactions per second (TPS). Base came out on top in the rating in terms of the indicator for the last day, independent researcher Jason Chen drew attention.

Data: L2Beat.

The L2 protocol supported by Coinbase reached a value of 12.93 TPS, according to L2Beat. At zkSync Era, the indicator turned out to be around 12.62 TPS, while the main network of the second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization has 10.18 TPS.

Activity on the Base platform has increased by almost 50% in a week. Chen noted that the project actively lures liquidity from other chains and tends to grow.

According to BaseScan, on September 14, the network processed a record 1.88 million transactions per day. For comparison, leading in the segment on TVL Arbitrum and Optimism, the indicator was 503,655 and 378,444, respectively.

TVL Base has hardly changed over the past week and remains at around $381 million. At zkSync Era, the volume of liquidity shows a similar trend, but at a higher level — $417 million.

Data: L2Beat.

According to DeFi Llama, almost half of the assets blocked on the Base account for the decentralized Aerodrome exchange — $132 million. The second line in the list is occupied by Web3-the Friend social network.Tech with $36 million

However, the latest protocol leads in terms of commissions — over the past day, the figure was $ 0.98 million with a profit of $ 0.5 million. In total, the Friend project.Tech, whose "death" some market participants stated at the end of August, earned $4.84 million in transaction fees during the week.

Recall that the full-scale launch of the main Base network took place on August 9.

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