How to use the insurance terminal

The insurance terminal for open positions on the exchange is a financial market tool that provides traders and investors with the opportunity to protect their open positions on third-party exchanges, as well as on the WIXI exchange, from negative market fluctuations. This tool is also known as "position hedging" and is often used to manage risk.

The main characteristics of the insurance terminal for open positions include:

Risk Protection: Traders can use this terminal to protect their investments from losses due to adverse market movements. Both purchases and sales of cryptocurrency can be insured.

Diversification: Position insurance allows investors to spread risk across different assets, reducing the likelihood of large losses.

Support for various assets: Our terminal allows you to insure various types of cryptocurrencies on all exchanges.

Flexibility: Traders can decide how much of their position they want to hedge and for how long.

Insurance Costs: Insurance fees depend on many factors, including market volatility and the length of coverage. After specifying all the parameters, you will receive the insurance cost.

The open position insurance terminal helps traders manage their investments more effectively and reduce financial risks, which is an important aspect in the world of investing in financial markets.

How to use the Insurance terminal

For insurance, select the Asset and the account from which the cost of insurance will be debited.

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Specify the amount of insurance. The volume can be specified either in USDT or in the amount of cryptocurrency.

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Select the exchange where the insured volume is located.

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After clicking Buy, the insurance product with all parameters will open.

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Insurance may be closed before its expiration date.

Insurance on the WIXI exchange can also be opened in the Spot and Margin terminals.

In insurance history you can see all the operations performed.